Second Chance Regency Romance Boxset by Rose Pearson


Join Lady Charlotte and her family and friends as over time they each find a second chance for a life full of love!

Loving the Scarred Soldier
Lady Charlotte Tate returns to her childhood home after the death of her husband. When nursing her former governess, she is drawn into her secrets and the truth no one dares to tell her.
James Watts is cloistered in his family home to hide the facial scars from the war. When Charlotte returns home, he longs for more.
Can this pair find love?

Second Chance for Love
Mary Durand was treated like a servant growing up but her father’s success propelled her into high society. William, Earl of Cott, never forgot Mary from years before when he nursed her back to health. Can their love overcome the differences in birth and social status?

A Family of her Own
Sophia Lefebvre finds it too painful to watch her friend’s loving family and takes a position as governess to Claveston St. John’s sister. Sophia finds him rude and focused on the trappings of wealth but she now understands the difficulties he and his sister faced. Is there any hope for these opposites attracting or are their differences too great?

A Spinster No More
Ann Knorr, a companion to Lady Spencer, is a model of grace and is successful at matchmaking during Lady Spencer’s London Season. But she wonders what will become of her…will she ever find love and marry? Or will she always be a companion?

Grab your copy for many hours of the entertaining Regency storytelling!

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