Second Chance at Silver Ridge by Claire Cain


She may be my brother’s first love, but I can’t resist her.

I’ve stayed away from Silverton for nearly a decade. But now that the family business is crumbling, I know it’s time to come home. Even if it means seeing Bel again.

My brothers don’t want my help or my money. But I’m a famous rock star—sounds arrogant, but at this point it’s simply true. I have plenty to go around, and I might as well use it for good.

And that’s what my intentions are. Good. Which is why I don’t intend to go anywhere near my brother’s first love.

Even if I want her. Even if I still feel breathless whenever she looks at me. Even if I know that leaving her was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

After all that, I still want Bel Paxton. And you know what they say about good intentions…

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