Seaside Winter Wedding by Piper Malone


The instant Gabriel Barnes musters the courage to ask Alexandria Spencer to be his wife, she receives the proposal of a lifetime. Sunshine Sweets, a world-renowned food company, wants to make Daisy’s Ice Cream an international sensation.

Eager to make her fledgling ice cream dream a global phenomenon, Alex seizes the opportunity to collaborate with Sunshine Sweets. With a lucrative deal, Alex can grow her brand and provide financial stability for her family.

As Alex begins contract negotiations, Gabe’s resistance to the merger grows. Not only is Sunshine Sweets trying to reap the benefits of Alex’s hard work, but they are wooing her in New York City, the place that lured the love of his life away from their quiet hometown when they were teenagers.

Days away from their holiday nuptials, Alex is whisked back to the big city to review an offer that will change the trajectory of her life forever. The deal is clear: Daisy’s Ice Cream will be a household name, but at a steep price.

As Alex contemplates her own path to success, she boards a plane home just in time for her wedding. But when a freak snowstorm leaves her stranded in another state, Alex must negotiate her own path to happily ever after.

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