Seaside Seduction by Fern Fraser


I’m not the type of woman to mess around with the CEO. He’s an older man, an ex-Navy SEAL and my dad’s friend. At least that’s the plan... 

Aurora: From the moment I met Holden Cleary, I was smitten. He’s the only man I want, but as our firm’s biggest client, he’s the man I can’t have. The escort I hired to be my date for my stepsister’s wedding turns out to be a scam, so Holden comes up with a plan to protect me from humiliation.  I thought I could resist him, but when we’re forced to share a villa, I realize I’m in over my head.

Holden: Aurora needs a date for her stepsister’s wedding, so I jump at the chance to be her fake boyfriend. Only there’s nothing fake about the way I feel. I knew she was my forever girl the moment I laid eyes on her. She believes we are wrong for each other, and her father won’t approve. I disagree and will do anything to prove just how right we can be.

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