Say You’re Lying by Kit Shepard


He’ll keep my secret as long as I submit for one year.
He thinks he has me under control.
Too bad nothing is ever what it seems.

For years, I’ve kept my past hidden. No one suspected a thing.
But chasing an obsession puts me under his spotlight.
Nik Breckenridge is tall, lean, and ten years my senior. He’s never followed a rule in his life.
Even when under public scrutiny, he thrives on disruption, anger, and controversy.
It doesn’t take him long to dissect my past.
Nik follows me and threatens to expose me.
He won’t spill my secret if I agree to his deal; be his for a year.
It can’t be that simple. There has to be a catch.
In the end, it doesn’t matter what choice I make.
I will be his.
And I will love it.

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