Saving Wes by Cynthia Dees


What is high-powered banker, Wes Cartwright, to do when someone dumps the animals from a petting zoo on his family’s abandoned ranch in Montana? Head home to Apple Pie Creek, Montana.

What is Florida native and Christmas card artist, Felicity Perez, supposed to do when her new boss insists on sending her somewhere cold and snowy to inspire new designs? Visit her cousin in some place called Apple Pie Creek, Montana, of course.

Join Wes and Felicity for a love and laughter filled adventure neither of them will ever forget…in this clean and wholesome story of second chances and coming home, can they restore the Cartwright homestead in time to save it from being sold off? Can they convince Wes’s siblings to forgive the past, come back to their small-town roots, and repair their broken family? And can Wes and Felicity find the one true love that has eluded them both?

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