Saved From The Mafia by Raven Blaire


Three smoldering hot men

A long “work” weekend away

What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out everything.

Neill, my boss, with his commanding presence and his bulging biceps,

has me forgetting he’s much older than me.

Isaac and his sweet, sexy, mysterious way of drawing me in caught me by surprise.

And Hudson with his bad-boy yet protective heat and how he set his sights on me has my body saying, Yes, please.

They’ve lit a fire in me that I can’t deny.

But when our business acquisition falls apart I find myself taken hostage and left in a hidden underground room.

My mind drifts to my three sexy protectors who are searching for me.

Even now, in this place, they have my body aching with desire.

I have to have them.

All of them.

But will my hot AF alpha studs agree to share me?

Or will I die down here alone waiting for them to find me…

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