Savage Thief by Penelope Wylde


Her family’s mafia empire drove me deeper into the darkness that has ruled my life since birth.

Asena Titan— the family princess. My beautiful addiction. My sweet torment. Untouchable in every way while she is perched high upon her pedestal.

I am and forever will be the villain of the story.

Until she fell from her throne, betrayed by her elite criminal family.

On that glorious day I became her dark savior. Her villain. Her only way out from beneath the weight of her crown. I’m also the only man who can save her from a fate darker than the depths of hell.

But my savage, blood-thirsty nature and gun all come with a hefty price. If she wants the vengeful monster within me to rise to slay her demons, I’ll take nothing less than all of her – body and soul. I’ll possess her hot screams and teach her the darkness in me will ruin the brightness in her. Maybe then I can purge her from my soul and save us both.

But in the end she’ll have to decide. Is falling to her knees and begging worth the price of her freedom?

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