Savage Justice by Penelope Wylde


They call him the god of war. Damaged. Lethal. Ruthless to the point of savagery.

They’re not wrong.

I had only heard whispers of his notorious motorcycle club up until the day he roared into my life with raging steel eyes, unwavering resolve and an all-consuming touch.

And then he bought me off the black market and I learned just how real rumors can be when I became his captive bride.

I thought I knew darkness before this bloodthirsty killer got his hands on me. But he proved I knew nothing.

I’m at the mercy of a man veiled in secrets and scars; cuffed to the bed of a notorious criminal for one reason alone—to help him rid his territory of a rival family.

Only that rival family still has my sister locked in their dungeon to be sold overseas.

I am her one hope. But only if I can convince my captor she’s worth saving before he slaughters his enemy.

Fiery caresses and possessive kisses make me believe I might stand a chance. In those moments I’m not so sure he’s as brutal and unforgiving as I have witnessed.

The longer I am his prisoner the more I see there are darker reasons for his savage justice.

They call him a killer. To me he’s beautifully broken.

He promises to keep me safe, but I fear his jagged edges might shred my heart and soul before our love has a chance to live.

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