Savage God by Ivy Blake


Hate me, abuse me, but I’ll never be yours.

Nate is a certified asshole with an insatiable hunger for domination, control and what lies between my legs.
He feasts on my tears and screams for breakfast,
stares me down with hateful eyes and taunts me with salacious threats.
I was the first girl to say no to him…
But Nate doesn’t give a shit about the word no.
I was lucky to escape him once, now my luck has run its course.
Oakwood was meant to be my safe haven, my escape from home,
but now it’s become the lion’s den and my tormentor lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

My cries mean nothing to him; they only make him want me more.
Nate doesn’t ask, he takes.
My bully likes to play with his prey before he devours it.
He vows to bring me to my knees and have his way with me.
I don’t know when he’ll strike, but I know he’ll make me pay for daring to disrespect him.
Nate knows all the right spots to touch, which makes me hate him even more.
But when his hand is wrapped around my throat, it’s hard not to be tempted by that deliciously cruel mouth.

I won’t stop fighting him, I won’t bend to his will.
And yet, I don’t know how much longer I can continue living in fear.
If I surrender, will Nate finally leave me alone?


*Goes Live 12/17*

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