Saucy Neighbor by Erika Lynn


When Ethan Lane walked into my coffee shop, I figured I was the luckiest girl in the world.

And when he asked for my number? Well, I damn well batted my eyelashes at him…until I realized he wasn’t asking me out on a date.


Turns out, he’s my new neighbor. Well, business neighbor. The one driving away customers because the construction noises coming from the building next door aren’t exactly fun to listen to while catching up with an old friend or discussing your latest book club book over a cup of drip coffee and a strawberry white chocolate scone.

It’s quite amazing how quickly Ethan went from bangable to me wanting to bang him over the head for my lost revenue.
Then he proposed something that could change everything: He invited me to film a Foodie Network special about the opening of his new restaurant. After all, a cute, single barista could only help the ratings. Suddenly, things were looking up. A lucrative deal, free promotion for my coffee shop, it seemed too good to be true.

And then – out of nowhere – he declared that we were engaged.

On camera.

Without talking to me first.

Now excuse me while I chuck a pastry at him.

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