Saltwater Wishes by Monique McDonell



I used to be the hometown hero until I walked away and never looked back.

I’m back in town under duress, and everyone knows it. My father’s will has given me no option but to spend the year in Marlin Shores and not back in New York running my business where I belong.

A year is a long time to avoid your ex in a town this size. Mary and I had something special until I threw it all away. Looks like I threw away more than I knew, because apparently, I have a daughter who wants to get to know me. I guess there’s no avoiding anything anymore, not even Mary, the woman who makes me want to yell and kiss her all at the same time.



I should have known I couldn’t keep a secret this big in a town this small.

Tony’s back in town, and now he’s back in my life. He’s arrogant, sexy and infuriating and yet I can’t seem to stay away from him. I can’t let him back into our lives if he’s just planning on leaving again. My daughter deserves better and so do I.

Now I just need to keep him at arm’s length and not wrap my arms around him the way I really want to.

If you like high stakes small town romance with a hint of heat and a guaranteed HEA, Saltwater Wishes is for you.


This small town second chance romance about two people finding their way home to each other and to their family is the third book in the new Marlin Shores trilogy but can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

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