Ryker by B.L. Brooks



As a tenured doctor at one of the country’s largest medical centers, I get the pleasure of passing any mindless task onto my trusted assistant.

And today, that just so happens to include picking up my newest intern from the airport.

But when I’m finally introduced to Chloe King, I’m stunned.

The little beauty standing before me is gorgeous, and in that she-doesn’t-even-realize-it kind of way. Her beautiful ash blonde hair pulled back into a tight low bun, emulating her features…

Chloe stares at me with wide eyes, though disarming in the same light. I can’t get enough. And staring back, getting lost in the strange adrenaline rushing over me, a possessive desire comes alive inside to make this little girl mine.

I’ll do whatever it takes for Chloe not to be just another intern; here one day and gone the next.

But can I make her see it’s worth sticking around?
Doesn’t matter.

I’m forty years old now—I’m done playing games.
And after laying eyes on Chloe King…I know she’s nothing but mine.

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