Ruthless Saints by Ella Jade


The last thing anyone wants is to be a dispensable member of the leading mafia family. But that’s exactly what Luciana is.

As a lowly cousin and the only female offspring in the Torrio mafia family, Luciana is just the bargaining chip her uncle needs to make an alliance with the Bilotti family. Luciana is terrified of essentially being sold off to a mafia boss, especially one as cruel as Romero, but there’s no saying no in her world.

Luciana tells herself she’s not being sold through the arranged marriage. That, like her uncle says, she’s just a spy. But from the moment she is drawn into Romero’s world, it quickly becomes apparent he owns her—down to her every breath. And despite her reasons for being there, she can’t help but like how it feels.

She just might be falling for him, but is she just another prized possession “won” to a man who gets everything he wants…or is she more of a pawn in this dangerous game than she ever realized? And if Romero really does want her to belong to him, what will he do when he learns the truth?

If Luciana thought saying no to her family would be a deadly mistake, just wait until Romero finds out she’s only there to set him up.

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