Run by Sarah Zolton Arthur


For Breya Montgomery, saving the world wasn’t just a calling, it was her mission… and it was personal.

Starting A Helping Hand meant more than simply taking care of LA’s homeless. From the day her brother went missing Breya has used her service to LA’s homeless to search for the only family she has left among them.

Then men and women began to disappear off the streets.

“The wolf got him.”

With no wolves to speak of in the greater Los Angeles area, she ups her search while delivering food. Well, until the day Breya is attacked.

She’s rescued by a man identifying himself only as Hunt. He has her stealing cars and lifting people’s wallets while on the run from a man who wants her dead and she has absolutely no idea why.

What’s worse, she can’t fight this biting attraction to the infuriating man who could quite possibly be a Viking warrior god, if not for all his sullen, broody behavior. Talk about opposites attract. These two couldn’t be more opposite.

That is, until the day she watches his skin rip away from his body to reveal a wolf dead-set on protecting her from others like him—and ensuring the future they’re destined to have together… if they can save the world in time to have it.

Men shift to wolves? Incubi exist? And she is the destined mate to a wolf shifter? Breya’s life is spinning out of control, and it has no indication of stopping.

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