Ruined Saint by Dawn Lockhart


She’s the monster born from darkness… but me? I’ve never been afraid of the dark.

Ten years ago, the girl I loved went missing.
I swore that if I ever got the chance, I’d do anything to get her back…
I never expected that thing to be teaming up with an assassin who’s hellbent on revenge.
Valentina is crazy, practically unhinged… and to keep her on my side, I have to keep her close…
Which wouldn’t be so hard except she’s fuck*ng gorgeous.
Something sparks between us every time she’s near…and I’m tearing myself in two.
I’m meant to be on a rescue mission, but the longer she stays, the harder it’s becoming to remember that…

In the cold blackness of my cell, I became something else. A monster.
My brother left me in the dark, and it swallowed up everything that was beautiful about me.
Plotting my revenge is the only thing that’s kept me alive.
That’s my only focus.
Until a cruel twist of fate puts me in Alexei’s path.
He’s beyond handsome. He makes me feel safe.
He’s also in love with another woman.
My heart knows it’s bad news to get involved with him, but my heart always was my weakness.
Now I think it’s going to be my downfall.

This title was previously published as Finding Beauty.

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