Romancing Bermuda by Sassy Monroe


Mismatched partners. A hunt for pirate gold. When sparks start flying, will they discover
love is the true prize?
Vicky is set on an adventure. While studying a museum painting
linked to riches lost at sea, the bold art historian is ready to dismiss a muscled hunk who’s
gorgeous… but so rude. But when she learns her employer expects them to be teammates
looking for sunken loot, her irritation wars with waves of undeniable attraction.

has buried a broken heart under a tough shell. Discovering a simmering chemistry with his
beautiful companion, the Navy SEAL fears the job is too dangerous for the inexperienced
treasure hunter. But after he bungles his attempt to leave her behind, the normally unflappable
military man struggles to deal with her fury and their extremely passionate

Refusing to be shunted to the sidelines, Vicky flies to Bermuda to play her part in
their charade of a couple on vacation. But when secrets threaten to separate them, Miller worries
circling dangers could drown any chance at a future.

Can the fiery pair find the X that
marks a happy ending?

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