Rocks: The Complete Series by Tori Ross


The complete series is now available!

Deep in the sticks of Missouri is a bar called Rocks where the bartenders are only similar in the fact that they’re all unlucky in love…

Cherry Burn – Dylan Wilcox has been gone from Highlight, Missouri for ten years. Nobody has seen him or even received an email as to his location. Worse, he left his high school girlfriend, Cherry Moss, without saying goodbye when he disappeared. When Dylan shows back up in town, clearly changed in the past ten years, Cherry needs to decide if his story is worth her forgiveness and if she can get over her own demons about him leaving.

Blue Balls – Piper Peck loves her life, her friends, and her job. There’s only one problem. The local sheriff, Creed McDuffy, has it in for her over her grandma’s old hot tub that’s considered an eyesore by county enforcement. Unknown to Piper, Creed has had a crush on her since high school and will do anything to get her to look his way. When Creed goes too far and arrests Piper in a last-ditch effort to get her attention, can he ever grovel enough to get in her good graces?

Pistol Fire – Libby Dean is known for being the town pistol. Brock Carpenter is known for being the town’s hero fireman. When a fire at Rocks Tavern throws Libby for a loop, Brock wants to comfort her. Libby’s not used to comfort, though, and runs away from any affection as fast as she can. But when Brock needs his own comfort, will Libby put aside her pride and step up?

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