Rocked Deep by Penelope Wylde


I’m the single dad Rockstar, she’s the irresistible nanny.

She’s also my best friend’s little sister. The untouchable little sister I promised to keep my hands off of after hiring her.

My fantasies on the other hand…well, they are as filthy as they come and it’s only a matter of time before I share each one with her. Peyton has come to mean the world to me, but despite those pretty honey eyes and sexy curves, she’s way too young for me; far too innocent for a man who wants to possess everything there is to have about the sweet, curvy brunette.

As a man always in the limelight there are a lot of temptations I’ve been able to walk away from but she’s proving to be more than I can resist.

I’m no angel, nor a saint; it comes with the job description. So I stop fighting it.

Tonight, I’ll crush the boundaries keeping us apart and claim the nanny. I’m taking her as mine, and when I do, I won’t stop until I pull out her darkest of secrets and share my own.

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