Rock Star Recluse by Piper Cook


He’s a reclusive rock star fed up with notoriety. She’s a rising star with performance anxiety. Can he help her find her voice? Can she restore his faith in people?


I have ten days to overcome writer’s block, write an album’s worth of songs for Rock’s Female Artist of the Year, and find a place to live when this gig is finished.

One problem solved. My agent arranged a stay at the most secluded retreat in Wyoming so I can concentrate on writing music.

Which only creates a bigger, brawnier problem when the owner is the reclusive former rock star, Phoenix Cash.

He’s brooding and broad and can strum my heart strings like a bass guitar.

But do I want a future with someone who might hold me back from pursuing a career in the limelight?


It took years on the rock concert tour circuit to make it to super stardom.

But I realized privacy is more important than fame.

When I agree to host an aspiring songwriter, I get more than I bargained for.

Cassidy isn’t the bossy, brat I assumed she’d be. She’s mesmerizingly beautiful with haunted dark eyes.

Can I help her find her voice in a sea of cutthroat rock stars without losing my privacy and heart?

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