Rock My Girl by Haley Travis


She was the beautiful chorus to a hit song I hadn’t written yet.

My spotlight was already beginning to fade. The success of my first album was dimmed by the lukewarm reception of the second. If my third album didn’t shine, my career was over.

Cassie appeared with a sparkle I’d never seen before. She was an adorable little pixie, dropping her fairy dust onto every song I wrote.

I was hooked on her sexy energy when I tasted those soft berry lips. She was more than a muse. Much more than a younger, gorgeous woman I couldn’t stop touching. She was a treasure that I needed to protect.

She swore that the touring life wasn’t for her, but there must be a way to help her see that the stage lights were what she needed. If Cassie could make me see that collaboration (and instant love) was possible, I had to convince her that we belonged together – at home, on tour, everywhere.

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