Restored Inked by Sky McCoy


When Sergeant Anthony—Tony—Paesano thinks his life has come to an end, and he feels as if he’s hit bottom, never to reclaim himself or his life again, after being wounded, and returns home to nothing. Tony is given a second chance with love, by none other than Parker Reeves—an arrogant, self-serving gay man—who lives to party, where drinking and self-indulgence are his life’s mission, until his mission becomes… Tony Paesano.
Will Tony realize before it’s too late that Parker is the man for him, or will he hold on to old ideas, or embrace the new ones where it doesn’t matter in the scheme of life anymore who you fall in love with, because love is love, and he needs to follow his heart, or have regrets for the rest of his life.
Does Parker think that Tony is a lost cause, and move on with his life, and never look back?

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