Resorting To Love by Kelsie Calloway


Anneliese Barlow writes mysteries, but the real mystery is her love life… or the lack thereof.

They say that the real moneymaker is romance novels, so I’m starting fresh. Except I’ve never written one of those scenes in my life. My editor sends to me the Daulton Resort for some inspiration. She says one look at the strapping, muscular resort owner and I’ll have everything I need to write a red hot romance fit for the shelves. But what my editor doesn’t know is that I’ve got writer’s block because I don’t know what I’m doing.

My last boyfriend in Juniper Falls dumped me because he said that I was an inexperienced prude. But maybe Broderick Daulton can change that. After all, he’s older and wiser. He must know how to introduce a woman to these sorts of things…

I find Anneliese in the parking lot looking flushed and ready to pass out. The first thing she says to me is that I’m her leading man. Fate, kismet, destiny; call it what you want. I think she just might be the one.

I know she’s a little younger, but talking to her is right as rain. She makes me laugh and gives me a reason to come to work. In the hidden alcoves of the resort, I have a chance to help the author write her own happily ever after. And once I’ve shown her all that it can be like and more, I’ll give her my heart and the rest of my life.

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