Resisting Moonlight by Amy L. Gale


How can you stay away from the one you can’t resist?

Shayla Winters survives her first frat party…barely. She is introduced to the irresistible lacrosse player Jace Connor, but soon finds herself breaking up a fight between him and football star Owen Ward with strength she never knew she possessed.

Then the mysterious Dex Jagger appears. His announcement that he’s a supernatural hunter, and that she is fae—and in danger—turns her world upside down. Shayla is thrown into a world of vampires and werewolves, all of whom want the light she possesses inside.

Jace can’t resist Shayla. He tells her his deepest, darkest secret—he’s a werewolf. He vows to fight alongside her and destroy the vampires who want to capture her for their own personal gain—especially Owen Ward.

Will Shayla and Jace survive the darkness, or be swallowed up by moonlight?

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