Rescued For Daddy by B.L. Brooks


Lana: Why me? It’s all I’m able to think when waking to find my barn up in flames, leaving no choice but to rush into the fire, freeing my horses from the blazing inferno taking charge. Just why? Because now, I…I think I’m stuck. The entrance collapsed as soon as my horses fled, and now…I’m wondering if I have any chance of escaping this horror…but at the same time, I don’t regret what I’ve done. I really don’t. The family ranch is going bankrupt, and with my brother’s recent passing and my parents out of the picture, I’ve never been more on my own. Oh, and as of yesterday, a foreclosure notice now rests on my nightstand. So, it’s easy for me to say I’ve hit my breaking point. There’s nothing I have left to give. But then a deep voice rumbles in the midst of the inferno, though I can’t tell where it’s coming from—thick clouds of smoke close in with every suffocating second to pass by. And next thing I know, I’m in the arms of my savior—a gallant man, clearly older than a recent high school grad such as myself. His eyes as dark as the molten sky; his jawline chiseled to perfection, mesmerizing in the moment while leading on this hope to have been rescued…for Daddy.

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