Rescue Me by Mia Brody


Getting out was hard. Knowing who to trust was easy: my dad’s best friend. He’s the only man I’ve ever been able to count on…but will we be able to keep our hands off each other?


I needed a guardian to protect me so I went to the only man I know I can trust—my dad’s best friend, Colt Winters. He’s a retired Army Ranger turned grumpy cowboy. He’s a man of courage and honor. He’ll protect me with his life.

But while he’s busy rescuing me, I have to remember rule #1: protect my heart. Because falling for this grumpy cowboy who ignites my body would be all too easy.


I was looking forward to a peaceful life after my retirement from the Rangers. I didn’t need Sierra showing up with her sunshine smile and her tempting innocence. She’s my best friend’s daughter and I’ve sworn to protect her.

But now she’s at my ranch, staying under my roof, and sparking fantasies I definitely shouldn’t be having about the innocent college student. All I have to do is keep my hands to myself while I neutralize the threat against her. Because falling for this sweet curvy woman who has captured my heart would be all too easy.

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