Rejected Mates by Bookarama Publishing


Three feisty heroines. Seven irresistible Alpha shifters. A box set that will make your toes curl.

Rescued by the Wolves
My arranged mate rejects me.
My father disowns me.
Fate throws me into the arms of three wolf shifters with a secret of their own.
Getting close to them is dangerous.
Yet, I can’t stay away.

Rejected Academy
Rejected by my mate and exiled by my clan, my life seemed over.
Until I met two hot wolf shifter brothers.
We forge a bond stronger than the old ways of our kind.
It has to be… because my life depends on it.

Her True Dragon Mates
Meeting two dragon shifters, opened my eyes to a whole new world.
They make my body and soul come alive.
If I stay with them, I’m forbidden to go back to my old life.
Can I really leave my life behind for this fantasy?

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