Red Ridge Pack by Skye Alder (Audible)


Meet the Red Ridge Pack.

Possessed by the Alpha: Gunner is the Alpha of the Red Ridge Pack and has been searching for his mate for years. Then, Bea finds him – but with pack members who are less than welcoming and an old threat that resurfaces, will Gunner and Bea be able to find their happily ever after?

Romanced by the Beta: Malin is the beta of the Red Ridge Pack, and he takes his job of helping to protect the pack very seriously. When Camden and Bea come to town, he has his doubts about the two outsiders. Then, he finds out that Camden is his mate. Too bad for him; Camden wants nothing to do with him. Malin wants his mate, but Camden isn’t giving that easily. Will he be able to convince her that he’s the one for her?

Outfoxing My Mates: When Drake and Emmett meet Lexi, the fox shifter of Red Ridge Pack, they both want her. They’ve always had a pact to never let a woman come between them though, so they agree to not pursue her. Until the mating moon hits and changes everything. Will Drake and Emmet give in to the bond they both share with Lexi? Or will their clever mate slip away before they can claim her?

Ravished by My Mates: The Jensen brothers have been all over the world searching for their mates. At 27, they’ve all but given up on finding them and have resigned themselves to just having each other. Then one day, they wake up, and their mates’ scent is there. There’s just one problem. Maya is terrified of bears. She has been ever since they killed her parents. Will Keith, Theo, and Evan be able to convince Maya that all they want to do is love her?

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