Red Night by RK Close


It was a night of holiday shoppers, cold coffee, and cheating spouses. That was a typical evening for private investigating, except for the vampire. I didn’t see him coming. A month ago, I wouldn’t mention the word vampire in a serious conversation. How wrong I was!

There’s no time to wrap my head around the ‘Vampires are real’ thing, because apparently one of them wants to have me for dinner, and I mean that in the most literal way.

My unlikely protectors are natural enemies and may be more interested in killing each other than saving me. I’m not convinced that even their combined efforts can save me from a monster who’s evaded capture for centuries?

I only care about protecting my friends from becoming collateral damage. But that will be hard enough without tripping over my frustratingly attractive bodyguards, who insist on shadowing my every move.

How do I survive a game played by beautiful monsters without becoming one?

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