Red Hot Dirty Bosses by Penelope Wylde


Fresh out of college one innocent, sassy Latina is about to find out what four rough hands and two dirty-talking mouths can do to a woman’s curvy body…

She’s off limits as our new executive assistant and is one hundred percent pure f-ing temptation every day of the week.

Beautiful, intelligent, fiercely independent and with a body that could make two grown men fall to their knees.

We’re war-hardened Marines with our own set of rules: Focus on business, stay away from the too-damn-young virgins, and never fall for the hired help.

Point being we knew better than to hire a newly minted college graduate with no experience, but what can we say? She is the one. Her big green eyes, beautiful brain and untouched curvy body is our brand of sin and worth breaking all our rules over.

Five months is long enough to wait to claim our all too innocent secretary. And if not, too damn bad.

We’ve always shared and when our new secretary shows up late with trouble hot on her ass, there’s no way we won’t step in to serve and protect as a team.

Her past is as colorful as our dirty pillow talk and when sh*t hits the fan and bullets fly we’ll burn the world to the ground to protect our pretty little troublesome virgin.

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