Red Dragon’s Flame by Anastasia Wilde


Mikah, red dragon of the Al-Maddeiri clan, is bored out of his mind. For over a decade he’s been the chief administrator for the clan, the king’s right hand, head paper-shuffler in an office full of desk jockeys. He and his dragon want more—they need more.

So when he meets a mysterious, adventure-seeking woman online, he can’t help but be intrigued. And when he gets a cryptic message that tells him she’s in danger—and then nothing else—he can’t stop himself from going to earth to find out what happened to her.

But his dark lady’s secrets are even more dangerous than he could have imagined—and she touches his soul in a way he’s only dreamed of.

Devon has lived her life alone in the shadows, hunted by the terrifying creatures who killed her parents, afraid of endangering anyone she might get close to. She has no idea the man she thinks is a mild-mannered human accountant is a fire-breathing dragon, fierce and protective and ready to destroy anything that threatens her, until he saves her life and captures her heart.

But when Devon’s enemies catch up to her once more, it will take all of Mikah’s power, courage and love—and a little help from his friends—to bring her back safe. If only they can get to her in time…

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