Reaper by Penelope Wylde


One look at Liam ‘Reaper’ Black and I know all the hushed whispers about the Dirty Sinners’ new MC president are bona fide truth.

Ripped. Wild. Savage. With deep ties to the Bratva mafia and the legions of souls no doubt haunting his past, he is a hell-storm of unharnessed trouble. A villain. A killer. A hero. It all depends on who you ask.

As for me, I can’t afford to care.

I’ve lived in Haven, Tennessee for all of a minute with a plan to keep my nose in a book and my name off people’s tongues. It was a good plan, too. The fresh start I needed. Until the Dirty Sinners’ new president rumbles in and plays shining knight.

That night I knew better than to look the Reaper in the eyes, but the second it happens all his untamed powers collide with mine and the heat is instant. Chaotic.

Burning kisses and possessive caresses fuel a plethora of bad ideas I have no ability to control.

But deep down I know he’s everything I can never have. The addiction I can never fully sate. Because I know he carries deadly secrets. My past has taught me other people’s darkness can get a woman killed. And I have no plans on walking through Hell’s fire for a sinner.

Yet, here I stand in the eye of his storm asking how to tame a dirty sinner without getting burned?

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