Ready for Moore by Rochelle Paige


Skylar Hicks had nothing in common with the wealthy outsider of the town’s founding family. Jumping back into the dating pool with anyone was the last thing she had time for, and certainly not with Baxter Moore after how awful things had gone when they first met.

No matter how gorgeous he was.
Or determined.

After a devastating loss, Baxter’s priorities shifted. He left the big city behind so he could reconnect with his extended family. Dating was the last thing on his mind…until Skylar’s righteous fury made a big impression. He knew he should stay away from the beautiful single mom, but Baxter couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Going after what he wanted had been the key to Baxter’s success. And he wanted Skylar. Badly.

He thought coming home would be the biggest change of his life, but he was wrong.

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