RAUNCHY Scandal by Jaxson Kidman


After a night of partying, I wake up in a cop car… Pretty normal for a rock star, right? WRONG. I’m in the front seat of the cop car… and the cop is missing… Enter Tori. The cop’s daughter. All I want to do is help. It’s her curves that cause all the problems. That, and the fact that the bar she owns gets busted up, telling me there’s some secrets to this beautiful woman’s life. (Aside from her missing father, who I find out is a dirty cop…) Next thing I know, I’m going back to my old life. I left the motorcycle club because I knew the end was either jail or death. The band needs me on stage. Tori needs me to protect her. I need to figure out what happened to her father before I end up like our lead singer. The last thing I need is the word LOVE to come into the picture. But with a woman like Tori… After sharing my bed with her, I’m suddenly eager to share my heart next. There’s not enough whiskey in the world to save me this time…

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