Race of Champions by Jo Grafford


A cowboy deputy in trouble for breaking the rules…again, which is just the kind of partner-posing-as-her-boyfriend that a lovely P.I. from Dallas is seeking to help her crack an unusually challenging case!

Deputy Wheeler Remington feels he’s been wrongfully labeled as a lot of things — filthy rich, privileged, and cocky as all get out. Yeah, well, that last one might be true. However, he always closes his cases, even if his methods occasionally raise a few eyebrows.

Private Investigator Dyoni Whitaker knows she can’t take on a group of organized gamblers alone. She needs a courageous crime solving partner who’s not afraid to color outside the lines — like the renowned heartbreaker her brother specifically warned her to stay away from.

Will their clash of hearts and wills crack the case and lead to a more permanent partnership, or will a few fake dates spoil their chance at happily-ever-after?

Welcome to Heart Lake! A small town teaming with old family rivalries, the rumble of horses’ hooves, and folks on both sides of the law and everywhere in between — faith filled romance that you’ll never forget.

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