Quick Fixx by Margaret Madigan


Dashiel “Dash” Fixx is eager to find work that feels meaningful again. He left the SEALs after an extended deployment overseas that ended with his team lead going rogue and killing civilians, while rest of the team fell apart and turned on each other. Dash isn’t sure he’ll ever trust leadership again, but he’s willing to give Brothers in Arms a try. He’s nervous his first assignment is high profile—protecting pop princess Rylee Quick from a disturbing stalker—but he’s confident he’s ready.

Rylee Quick, pop princess and world-famous celebrity, already lives in a restrictive bubble. But when a stalker breaks into her house while she’s on tour and sprinkles rose petals on her bed, her father hires a bodyguard to shrink the bubble even more. She’s defensive and ready to give the muscle-bound hulk a hard time, but then Dash Fixx shows up. He’s more Captain America than Hulk and suddenly having a bodyguard doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Dash hits the ground running for a crash course in the music industry and celebrity life, at the same time stuffing his inconvenient attraction to Rylee in a box to deal with later. Then the stalker shows up again on the cruise ship where Rylee’s doing a special performance and kidnaps her, forcing Dash to stalk the stalker on the high seas in the middle of a hurricane, and face losing his one possible chance at true love.

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