Queen by Kindra Woods


One plane ride changed everything.

Sonia Ceder doesn’t want much from life. A reporter from Dublin working on a story about the Prince of Norway, she finds herself falling for a man she can’t have. She’s a working woman, and he’s a prince with a future of royal obligations. The two lifestyles simply don’t mix.

Leonardo Berg is next in line for the throne and has been becoming more public to keep his place in the royals a part of modern-day life. Despite his raging desires for the young reporter, he keeps his distance from Sonia…until he finds out his plane has a slim chance of making it home.

Their lives hang in the balance and all he wants now is her, to claim her in every way before death.

Somehow the plane lands and the two have to find their way, either together or apart.

Will Sonia accept him and all that entails?

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