Pursuing Phoenix by Linzi Baxter


Lily didn’t take much with her when she fled an abusive marriage. Just her young son and a load of emotional baggage no one can see. Thanks to her friend Kat, she’s got a new job in a new town, a new life spread out before her.

The last thing she needs is her long-dormant hormones noticing that her boss is a 12 out of 10 on the hotness scale.

Freedom is just a signature away, but Jacob’s ex is holding the unsigned divorce papers over his head like a prize just out of reach. His irritation eases when he meets his new secretary, and he finds it’s no hardship to follow his friend Kat’s advice (or not-so-subtle threat) to treat Lily gently.

Under Jacob’s care and consideration, Lily begins to believe in love again. But when her past tries to claw her back into a nightmare, she has no choice but to protect Jacob at all costs—even if it shatters her heart.

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