Protecting Her Curves by Lana Love


He’s a dangerous military bad boy who meets the curvy beauty that will change his life.

I ended up in the Army after nearly losing myself to crime. I served my country proud and well, but it became too much. Now I’m home and I have to figure out how to live a civilian life. I have no idea how to do that.

Until I see Tammy again.

She’s my best friend’s little sister…and totally off limits. When her brother asks me to look out for her and protect her from neighborhood thugs, there’s no way I can refuse him or refuse a chance to be around her. Gorgeous and ambitious, she’s the girl I always wanted and now she’s the woman I have to have. Scratch that. She’s the woman I will have.

In high school, her brother threatened extreme bodily harm for even mentioning her name. Now, nothing is going to stop me from claiming her and building a life with her. She’s strong and brave, and her curves have me envisioning all the babies I’m going to give her.

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