Protected By The Lions by Lilly Wilder


Two lion shifters used to be my enemies. Now, they’re my lovers.

Shunned, bullied, never valued.
I’m not a typical lion shifter.
In our small town and our pride, I’m an outsider.
I’m despised for studying the ancient secrets flowing through our blood.

But when our pack is attacked, Richard, my Alpha, and John, who used to be my friend,
ask for my help.

I never thought I could feel anything else for them but disdain.
Yet all too soon my body starts responding to them.
My hormones go wild.

I ache for Richard and John.
Wanting, needing them to be my protectors.
Together, they unleash a well of passion within me, which I never knew existed.

Will this menage be the beginning of a new life or will it consume me until there’s nothing left of me?

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