Promise It All by Weston Parker


Best part about being a best man at a wedding? The hot bridesmaids.

It’s always a guaranteed night of fun. At least it is for a guy like me.

As a talent agent in New York, I know how to wine and dine with the best of them.

Unfortunately, work has been my main thing for a little too long. And my body is showing signs of it.

Doc says I need to take a summer off. Hell yes, I do.

Lucky for me, I run into my latest wedding fling as my time frees up.

And the pretty girl just can’t get enough of me. She needs a plus-one for an upcoming wedding and wants to up the ante of our deception.

Be her fake fiancé. She’s tired of being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Why would I ever say no?

I’m a no-strings-attached kinda guy, but with her, I want to be tied up—forever.

The more time I spend playing the part, the more I want to hit my knee and offer her a ring.

It started with us promising nothing, but now, I want her to promise it all—to me.

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