Princess of Pride by Caprice Langden


I spent my life trying to become the perfect image of a mob boss’ daughter, trying to be what everyone assumed I was.

I’ve seen the worst the world has to offer. I watched my father get murdered in the street, but I plastered a red-stained smile on my lips and pretended the fear didn’t exist.

I may be a spoiled Italian princess, used to getting what, and who, I want, but I know I’ll never find a man who can take away my pain. I came close one night, the night I met him, but Sebastian St. Valentine was the last man I could ever give my heart to. After the dark of night faded, my prince became a monster.

The criminal underworld is in the palm of my hand. If I close my fist, I can crush them all. I control every aspect of my world, including my women. I like them shy, quiet…submissive. Except for the woman who haunts my dreams. She is bratty, mouthy, and sexy as hell.

Worst yet, the sister of the man I vow to destroy.

She didn’t know who I was the night we met, but I know everything about Lilly Calegari and her family, and I know just how I can use her. Lilly was supposed to be disposable, but once I had her, I couldn’t forget her. And if I couldn’t forget her, I’d find a way to keep her.

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