Please Stay by Ellie Clark


They have nothing in common, except that time their dogs banged.

Will: My life could not be more of a mess. My aunt is having open-heart surgery, and I promised I’d see her before she goes under the knife. Sure, she’s my favorite aunt, but she’s also a convenient excuse to do what I’ve been wanting to do for the past two years: escape the banality of my daily life. Did I mention I’d spent the entirety of my adult years and most of my childhood working to achieve my dream? And I achieved it. I teach law school to bright young recruits, full time, tenured track. Except… it’s boring as hell. But just before I’m all set to go, out of the kindness of her heart, my girlfriend adopted a nearly two hundred pound, inbred, dim-witted dog with an insatiable appetite for furniture, moved into my apartment with said dog, then promptly broke up with me. With no one, professional or friend, willing to look after the monstrous beast, I have to take it with me to Texas.

Valorie: I escaped a soul-sucking marriage and a medical malpractice lawsuit with barely my wits intact. It took an extended leave from work, and lots of medication, to recover from that epic shitshow. But finally, health mostly stabilized, I can return to the job that gives me life: saving lives one tired heart at a time in Galveston’s top cardiovascular unit. Not a week in and fate has other plans. Some idiot renting the beach house next door just let his dog get a little too acquainted with mine. Just when I think I’ve chased him off after he demanded I somehow un-impregnate his potentially impregnated dog, I discover he is my favorite patient’s beloved nephew. The worst part about all of this? He’s hot.

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Romantic Comedy

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