Playing The Jock by Bookarama Publishing


The Playing With The Jock Box Set: Three determined heroines. Five athletes with bulging muscles that are going to take you on a wild ride. Three new adult sports romances. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

Includes: Power Play, 3-Pointer, and Going All The Way.


I’m not a sports groupie, hanging around locker rooms, hoping to catch a peek.

Athletes are the worst kind of men to get involved with.

I don’t need a cocky heartbreaker,

Tossing my heart around.

Treating me like another trophy he won.

But fate has other plans.

Throw together with the star-athlete.

I must find a way to get him to see me as a team member.

To succeed, I need his help.

Soon we’re spending more time together than I could ever imagine.

And it’s doing things to me.

His strong body.

His confident manner.

His devil-may-care attitude.

I’m falling. Fast. Hard.

He’s about to score with my heart.

And despite my best efforts, I can’t resist.

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