Playing It Right by Ruby Crave


Charlie is a great PI, just a little down on her luck, and with her mother’s illness, she needs money. She’d always figured her one steamy night with playboy Brant Sparks was more than enough. Yet, when he shows up waving a fistful of cash, she can’t say no.

Brant always takes care of his people, so when he finds out his company is getting scammed, he wants to know who’s to blame. And he knows just the PI to call.

The bargain is struck, and they spend three days playing lovers on a casino boat in order to hunt down the culprit. But when Charlie and Brant get together, sparks can’t help but fly.

Playing It Right is a Sparks Family second chance romance short story. If you love secrets, steam, and music, you’ll love this new fast, flirty, and fun contemporary series.

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