Playing House with the Nanny by Piper Cook


She’s busy chasing her dream job. He’s a restless wanderer with aspirations of his own. When a gig job brings them together, will they follow their dreams or give in to their hearts?


I’ve had an eye on my dream job for months.

When I land the golden opportunity, I’m ecstatic.

But now I need a babysitter, pronto.

I’m out of options, so I follow my only lead.

Luckily a nanny’s available for my last-minute request.

Too bad I’d rather stay home and play house with him.

Is it possible to fall for someone whose dreams don’t align with my own?


I’m a restless spirit and don’t like to stay still for long.

Working for an online temp agency is a perfect fit for me.

Until I’ve got one foot out of town and get booked for a job.

My charge is a curly little blonde who likes tea parties.

But she comes with a business-savvy temptress who rocks my scones.

When the gig is up, it’s time to decide whether to follow my dream or follow my heart. Can I have both?

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