Phoebe’s Photo Fetish by Cricket Rohman


Phoebe Foxglove has three loves: Photography, Flowers, and Bobby. But she could not endure another day living with her passionless family.

In the dark of night, Phoebe sneaks off with her boyfriend. It’s only a matter of days, after one of Bobby’s irrational outbursts, that he walks out, leaving her penniless and far from home. Fortunately, the manager of a trailer park befriends her.

Phoebe is thankful to have a roof over her head, her camera phone, and her lifelong passion . . . photography. But now, she needs a job—ASAP.

She’s hired on at a call center and begins commuting to work on the New Mexico Railrunner Express. She quickly learns her boss is an unscrupulous jerk, but Phoebe makes the best of a bad situation, creates unique sales methods, and is determined to succeed.

A handsome commuter admires the photos on her phone and wants to know more about this fabulous photographer. The day Phoebe loses that phone turns out to be his lucky day, and sets into motion her fairytale ending.

If you enjoy reading books that include a creative woman, a little romance, a little comedy, and a happy ending, you’ll love PHOEBE’S PHOTO FETISH. FYI—This story may induce the desire to snap photos, rescue a dog, or plant flowers.

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