Petal by Jennifer Julie Miller


I believed she was nothing more than a fairytale. She was nothing more than story, something told to me as a small boy by my beloved Nana. That is, until the day, I found her among the petals. That moment in time turned my whole world upside down. Now that I have her, I want more.
He was a faraway dream; a mystery of the unknown just out of my reach, until a Whisp of Fate literally dropped me right in the palm of his hands. Now I want more, I want his love. Will he be able to love me in the precious moments that remain, or will my spirit leave this world forever, cursed for eternity to live in his shadow?

I’m Appalachian, and I talk Appalachian. Therefore, I write Appalachian. All of my books are country girl correct. This is a clean romance, that reflects what true love is all about. Petal can be read as a standalone… all of my books have their own Happy-ever- after. There is no cliffhanger in this book, just a glimpse of what’s to come.

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