Perfect Problem by Cary Hart


Growing up, I spent my summers in Mason Creek.
From chasing fireflies to falling in love, it holds a lot of firsts for me.

Including Jase Jackson.
My first kiss.
And my first taste of heartbreak.
The cowboy next door stole my heart that first summer, and he’s had it all this time.

We made a pact to stay in touch, but like all best laid plans, they fell apart. By the time I made it back, he was long gone traveling the world, and I was left picking up the pieces.

Now, we’re both back to say goodbye to my beloved aunt. And in true, Aunt Shirley fashion, she goes out with a bang and plays Cupid from the grave. I need his help to fix up my aunt’s place. And he needs answers. If we can play nice long enough to forgive, maybe we can work together and both get the closure we came for.

If home is where the heart is, being back in Mason Creek with Jase isn’t just a coincidence, it’s the perfect problem.

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