Paws Off by Emma Bray


Every guy knows the bro code. Thou shalt not covet thy best friend’s sister. It’s in the best friend bible.

But I’m the worst sort of sinner because when my best friend’s sister moves in next door, I want to break every code ever written. I try to keep my distance from her, but it’s easier said than done when her rambunctious little puppy takes a liking to me and keeps throwing us together.

She’s off limits, so I have to keep my paws off.

When it comes to love, everybody has hard limits. Lines that can’t be crossed. Boxes that must be ticked. For the heroes and heroines in this series, there’s just one limit, line, and box: “Love me, love my dog.” (or dogs!)

Join fifteen of your favorite romance authors for stories that’ll tug on your heart, tickle your funny bone, and heat up your Kindle! It’s more than puppy love for these couples, it’s love at first bark!

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